Show Diary 2021

Please Note: All shows and dates are subject to changes regarding regulations governing Coronavirus (Covid 19).
Date Show Judge/s
01/05/21 NESS Open Cancelled
23/05/21 SKC Cancelled
06/06/21 Southern Counties Mrs C J Tucker
13/06/21 Three Counties Cancelled
19/06/21 Border Union Cancelled
19/06/21 ESS of Scotland Cancelled
26/06/21 Blackpool Mr D W Shields
27/06/21 MESS Open: Bearley Village Hall Dual Show Morning: Mr Peter Armstrong: Dual Show Afternoon: Mrs Dilys Watts
01/07/21 Windsor Cancelled
04/07/21 ESA Open Show Judge - Elaine Roberts: Stakes - Mhari Vallance
10/07/21 East Of England Mrs V Mcloughlin
17/07/21 Crufts Cancelled
18/07/21 SESS Open Mrs W Johnson: Awards - Miss O Danks-Kermish
24/07/21 Leeds Mrs Anne Derry
31/07/21 Bath Mr D J Bell
01/08/21 Nat Gundog Mrs J Isherwood
04/08/21 NESS Dual Ch Show 1 - Dr Ron James: Change of judge due to COVID travel restrictions.
Dual Ch Show 2 - Miss G A Williams:
07/08/21 Paignton Mr G R Haran
14/08/21 Bournemouth Mr J Horswell
15/08/21 ESA Dual Ch Sh Show 1 - Ms J M Miller:
Show 2 - Mrs P Williams:
21/08/21 WKC Cancelled
27/08/21 Driffield  
28/08/21 MESS Dogs - Mr J D Martin: Bitches - Mrs T Lewis:
05/09/21 City Birmingham cancelled
11/09/21 Richmond Mr Peter Halstead
18/09/21 Darlington Mrs L Armstrong-Rodgers
23/09/21 Birmingham National Mr R Bott
26/09/21 ESS of Wales Ch Show Dogs - Miss D E Loynd: Bitches - Mrs R Martin: Referee - To follow
10/10/21 SWKA Cancelled
13/10/21 GDS of Wales Mrs A Murphy
31/10/21 Mid Counties Mrs S D Loakes
06/11/21 Setter & Pointer Mrs M Taylor
13/11/21 ESS of Scotland Open With GBAS: to be confirmed
13/11/21 GBAS Fran Grimsdell
21/11/21 SESS Dogs - Mrs S Full: Bitches: Mrs S Rumble: Referee: Mrs J Day
11/12/21 LKA Chris Sayer

Information about Judging & Education

The English Setter Joint Judges Committee (JJC) was formed in 1998 with the main objectives to:

1. Produce and maintain a common Judging List to be used by all English Setter breed clubs.
2. Co-ordinate an integrated education programme to deliver breed specific seminars mentoring and assessments.
3. Encourage all canine societies to select judges from the English Setter Judging Lists.

The JJC, which includes representatives from the six breed clubs, has been very successful in providing a consistent
and unbiased approach for developing judges, agreeing Judging List criteria and an effective format for education/training programmes.
The JJC is also a single body for English Setters when dealing with the Kennel Club on all judging related matters.

The Kennel Club Board is delighted to announce, following consideration of the recommendations put forward by the Independent Review Panel together with the output from the survey commissioned by the Kennel Club, that agreement has been reached on how to take the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) forward.  Full details of this announcement are available to download by clicking the following:- Feb 2020 Way forward for JCF

Following the recent announcement about the future of the Judges Competency Framework, further details have now been issued which outline future judge requirements and eligibility.
Judges may be appointed by societies based on either the current judge regulations or the new system until the end of the transition period, i.e. judges must be on the required list and/or at the required Level.
From 1 January 2021, no one can judge unless they meet the new Level 1 requirements.
Otherwise, judges can accept appointments either in accordance with current Kennel Club regulations or Judges Competency Framework requirements.
In both cases, an exception can be made where a valid contract is in place prior to the date of this announcement (24 February 2020).
For futher details of this announcement click:- Judge Requirements and Eligibility Feb 2020

Letter to Joint Judges Committee regarding above information:- JJC Letter
Please find a link to the latest Press Release on hands-on judging experience under both the current judges approval system and the Judges Competency Framework (JCF).
This link is shown in JJC letter above.

Dropdown Info

Mrs C Normansell (JJC Chairperson) ( Tel. 01386 462681)
Mr S. Collier (JJC Secretary and Breed Education Co-ordinator) ( Tel. 01257 793426)

Plus three representatives from each of the following breed clubs;

ESA - Mr C G Bird ( Tel. 01953 881040)
ESS of S – Mrs M. Vallance ( Tel. 01290 810287)
ESS of W – Mrs K. Stephenson ( Tel.01629 540608
MESS – Mrs. M. Sharples ( Tel. 01242870206)
NESS – Mrs M. Collier ( Tel. 01257 793426)
SESS – Mr D. Lewis ( Tel. 01548 580600)
Please feel free to contact the JJC secretary or any of the breed club representatives if you need help or advice on any judging related issues.    Download  details,  click details

The JJC reviews the judging list criteria annually. A number of factors are taken into account such as; falling entries at open shows, Kennel Club directives (e.g. attending Field Trials), judging experience, comparison with other gundog breeds in similar stud book bands, attendance and passing of breed specific seminars and the need to encourage new judges onto the lists.

To download the Judging Criteria click: Criteria

The judging lists are reviewed and updated by the JJC on an annual basis. The judging lists are constantly maintained and published on all the breed club web sites. Hard copy judging lists are also available from any of the Breed Club Secretaries or the JJC Secretary.
Application forms for new nominations or updates can be obtained from any of the Breed Club Secretaries, the JJC Secretary, or from one of the Breed Club web sites. Please contact the JJC secretary if you have any updates or corrections to the current judging lists

All ‘B’ & ‘C’ List judges should continue to send updated judging CV’s to the JJC secretary on a regular basis.

Judging Lists (A, A2, A3, B, C) & Judging Questionnaire can be downloaded in PDF format. Just click:
A1 List:     A2/A3List:     B List:    C List:    Questionnaire

In the spring of 2017 the Kennel Club announced a new system for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges and those who go on to award Challenge Certificates and judge championship show groups and best in show. This is known as the Judges Competency Framework (JCF).

The JCF formally started in January 2019 on a phased basis, and runs alongside the current system for a three-year transition period, and will be fully operational from January 2022. Breed clubs will remain responsible for providing breed-specific education, and the JCF will also require judges to undergo mentoring and ringside observation. Breed clubs will be required to support this activity and to work with the Kennel Club to facilitate organising Breed Competence Assessments

The English Setter JJC is one of the Pilot Breeds for JCF and the implementation of the new system is progressing well. Two Breed Appreciation Days (BADs) were held in 2018 and a further BAD is being planned for 2020. Mentoring of judges who meet the JCF Level 2 requirements started in April 2018 and is progressing at a significant pace with some 20 judges currently going through the mentoring process. The list of English Setter mentors are avail to download here by clicking:-    Mentors

More details about the new JCF system can be found at or by speaking to the Breed Education Co-ordinator.

Letter to ‘B’ & ‘C’ Judges (September 2018), click:- Letter
Letter to ‘C’ List Judges (September 2019),  click:- C list Letter

All six breed clubs and JCC are constantly sending out judging lists to canine societies asking them to select names from the published judging lists. We would also encourage individuals to actively lobby canine societies (either directly or through the JJC) to select judges from the breed club lists. The lists are constantly maintained and published on all the breed club web sites.

Information about Education & Training

The Kennel Club has updated its Judging Regulations and Code of Best Practice for Judges.
The new regulations, which are explained in attached KC press release, are effective from 1st January 2020.
To download latest regulations click:-
  KC Regulations 2019

The JJC has been running regular breed specific seminars in accordance with the Kennel Club best practice guidelines (Modules 1, 2 and 3) that have been linked to the various judging lists since 2001. In this time 463 people have attended 39 modules organised by the English Setter breed clubs.
Given the falling entries at shows and reducing hands-on criteria it is important that judges are assessed to ensure they fully understand the breed characteristics before awarding CC’s in the breed. Therefore the JJC places significant emphasis on judges needing to attend and pass breed specific seminars, especially Module 3 which is designed to assess potential judges before moving onto the A3 List and awarding CC’s.
Details of future breed specific seminars / assessments will appear on the breed club web sites once plans are confirmed.

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