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The English Setter Association are supporting English Setter classes for Mid Herts Gundog Club on Saturday 30th October 2021
at BROOK FARM TRAINING CENTRE, Stapleford Abbots, Essex RM4 1EJ.
The have given £15.00 - BOB, £10.00 - RBOB and £5.00 for BP.  Breed Judge: Ms Eleanor Bryant (Phenset)
Classes are Puppy,  Junior,  Post Graduate and Open
Entry is available online only,  Schedule and Entry Form please click the following: 

Registrations for English Setters in 2020

breed record

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Date: Sunday 24th October 2021
Venue: Corley Village Hall, Church Lane, Corley CV7 8AY
Speakers: Penny Williams, Jane Dennis, Glenis Williams, Val Isherwood & Steve Collier

The new Judges Education Programme (Breed Shows) became effective from January 2021
and Breed Appreciation Days (BAD) will be a mandatory requirement for all judges wishing
to be a Level 2 (B List) judge for English Setters. Further information about the JEP is
available on the KC website at or contact Steve
Collier the Breed Education Coordinator (BEC) for English Setters (contact details below) if
you require any further advice.

The morning session starts at 10.00am and will consist of a breed talk aiming to provide or
reinforce the basic knowledge to establish a Candidates/Judge’s understanding and
appreciation of the breed, followed by the opportunity for individuals to examine exhibits
assisted by experienced CC judges. The afternoon session will consist of the Multiple Choice
Exam (MCE) on the Kennel Club Breed Standard for the English Setter. 
Anyone can apply to attend the BAD (morning session), but only Candidates that are either
already approved to award CC’s in a breed or satisfy the KC Level 1 requirements listed
below will be eligible to take the multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam (MCE);

1. Minimum of 5 years proven interest in pedigree dogs
2. Complete a minimum of 2 full days of stewarding appointments
3. Attend a requirements of a dog show judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and
pass examination)
4.Attend a Conformation & Movement Seminar

Please contact Steve Collier for a booking form and to reserve a place on this
English Setter Breed Appreciation Day
Tel: 01257 793426

Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Press release
Following the popularity of the Vulnerable British and Irish Breeds Competition in 2019, the Kennel Club has announced that it will take place again this year with a new format, culminating in a grand final at Crufts 2021.

In a move designed to broaden the scope of the competition and offer more opportunities to qualify, BOB winners from the Scottish Kennel Club (May), Welsh Kennel Club and Belfast championship shows will now be eligible to compete in the final, along with BOB winners from the usual selected group championship shows.

Also in this press release the Kennel Club has an article about 'Puppies for sale: finding the right dog' and is concerned with protecting those breeds of dog which are of British origin and are considered to be vulnerable i.e. those whose numbers are declining and whose status within the world of dogs has diminished over a number of years.

To view full details of this PDF Kennel Club Press release please use the following link KC Press Release re:- VNB

Registrations for the year ending 2019

Crufts - 10/03/2022:  Mrs C Jennings-Sharman
ESS of Wales: - (D) Carol Coode; (B) Val Watkins;  (R) Elwyn Evans
Blackpool:  - H Fryckstrand
Darlington:  - Keith Young
Midland Counties: - Steve Collier
ESA: -   (D) Keith Smith; (B) Mrs Jill Kelly 
Bath:  - Mrs S M T Bryant
E S S Scotland: -  (D) Mrs Jill Kelly; (B) Miss Ellen Loynd
NESS:  -  (D) Mr L A S Cox;  (B) Mrs A Lewis;  (R) Mrs Sandra Wallis 
National Gundog:  -  Mrs A Leather
East OF England:   - Mr S H Cook
WKC:  - Mr C A Atkinson
GDBAS: - Mrs A Dykes
Manchester: Mr J Thirwell
SESS: (D) Mrs V Isherwood: (B) Mr C G Bird:  (R) Mrs S Bryant
LKA: Mrs S Oliver
National Gundog: Ms A Leather
3 Counties: Mr H Stubbington

Crufts:  09/03/2023: Mrs L Upton
National Gundog: Linda Taylor
ESS of Wales:    (D) Mrs C Morgan;  (B) Simon Pitts; (R) Mrs Gill Baker 
ESA:  (D) Neil Kelly;   (B) Mrs Christime Normansell

We apologies for any errors or missing information regarding Kennel Club Titles and Awards in the 2020 Year Book. Our Secretary has contacted or will be contacting all owners of those dogs where information is incomplete or missing. Unfortunately these errors were caused by problems to a corruption of the printer's computer of the final proof sent by our editor. All Title and Awards details will be included in the next edition of Newsletter/Yearbook and are also shown below.


Breed Mentors / Observers for English Setters
Please see the attached Kennel Club announcement regarding updated criteria for judging Mentors and Observers as part of the new Judges Competency Framework (JCF) process.
Anyone wishing to be considered as a Breed Mentor and / or Breed Observer for English Setters, and meet the criteria listed on the attached KC announcement, please contact Steve Collier (Breed Education Coordinator for English Setters) on email

KC announcement and criteria as above click:  Announcement

Puppy Register

We now offer a FREE service to breeders who are members of the ESA. If you wish to list your puppies on this website we can add your details below.  It is not possible to submit directly onto the website,  your information has to be added by the webmaster.  Just use the 'Contact Us' form to add information using the format shown in pink box below. 
 Our conditions are that your listing will only be shown for 12 weeks from date of birth. You must abide by the rules of the ESA's Code of Ethics.
We do not offer to vet prospective purchasers and do not accept any responsibilites from problems arising from your advertisement or sales made from using the website.
Finally, there could be a delay of up to 36hrs in posting your puppies from when details are received.

For those wishing to find details of where English Setters puppies are available please contact any of the names listed in the table below.  We would also welcome you to join the English Setter Association, details are shown on this website or click here  

The Association also has a puppy co-ordinator who acts on our behalf.  Contact Julie Weller, email or telephone 01440788180
This puppy register has been compiled as a service which is freely available only to members of the English Setter Association to advertise puppies bred by them and abide with the Association's Code of Ethics.  Full details of the Code of Ethics are listed on this website or click here:  Ethics
The Code of Ethics includes that all relevant Kennel Club registration documents, written details of all dietary requirements for the puppy, at least a three generation pedigree of the puppy including KC/BVA hip scores of both parents, confirmation that worming has been carried out and when the next worming is due are given to the new owner. Many breeders are also members of the Kennel Club's Assured Breeders Scheme.

Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme
The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme promotes good breeding practice and aims to work together with breeders and buyers to force irresponsible breeders, or puppy farmers, out of business. Breeders nationwide are joining the Assured Breeder Scheme to demonstrate their commitment to responsible breeding. There are set requirements that Assured Breeders must agree to follow, which encourage the breeding of healthy, and well-adjusted puppies. Further details of this scheme are available on the Kennel Club website.
Disclaimer: The English Setter Association by offering the details of the whereabouts of puppies does not in any way offer a guarantee as to the soundness and health of any puppy and do not accept responsibility arising from subsequent sales.

Puppy details are shown below.

Eva Ekestern & Henrik Gabrielsson, kennel TEASMADE
Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Tel/Mob: +46 70 249 2500 and +46 70 33 76 776
email: / website:
instagram: @kennelteasmade
Sire: NORD JV-19 Bushbane Celtic Minstrel / HD C, EBV -18, BAER normal, NCL-clear, rcd4-PRA clear
Dam: Teasmade Teaspoonful / HD B, BAER normal, NCL-clear, rcd4-PRA clear
Puppy Details
Puppy Details: 2 boys and 3 girls, all blue belton & tan
Puppies are registered with the Swedish Kennel Club, microchipped, vaccinated, BAER tested, vet examined, regularly dewormed and fully insured at delivery. If applicable they are also rabies vaccinated, additionally dewormed and come with an EU passport and an export pedigree.
Date of birth: 6th August 2021