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    An invitation to all English Setter enthusiasts who wish to spend a great day out finding more information on the breed or just having fun with your dogs.
    A wonderful opportunity to meet other setter owners and chat to experienced breeders/exhibitors. Also open to anyone who wishes to find information about and also meet our beautiful breed.


    Please help make this a memorable day for all, help us advertise the Fun Day by downloading the Flyer & Booking Form to give to all other English Setter friends or any other person you know who wants information about our breed.

    To download the Flyer and Booking Form, click highlighted headings       FLYER     BOOKING FORM

  • BEC Letter to C & B List Judges

    English Setter 'B' and 'C' Judging Lists

    This is a brief resume of the forthcoming changes for the education of Judges commencing from 1st January 2019.

    The new system is called the Judges Competency Framework (JCF). In the present judging system we have C, B, A3, A2 and A1 judging lists, and under the new JCF system these will be replaced by Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 listings. More details can be found at

    Some of the new judging systems and processes are either now in place to support the JCF (including the role of the BEC) or, will be coming into place between now and 31st December 2021. This ‘transition period’ is where the Kennel Club and breed clubs start the process of changing over the way they carry out judges education so that the present education system ends on 31st December 2021 and the JCF fully replaces it on 1st January 2022.

    It is very important that you understand completely what these changes might mean to you as a Judge and also to be prepared for the new JCF system. Steve Collier, Secretary of The JJC and Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC) has prepared comprehensive details of this important information available as a PDF download. To view this information please click this link:     BEC Letter to C & B List Judges

  • Judges Competency Framework

    In the spring of 2017 the Kennel Club announced a new system for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges and those who go on to award Challenge Certificates and judge championship show groups and best in show. This is known as the Judges Competency Framework (JCF). The KC issued a news letter in June which gives further important information regarding JCF. This information is essential reading for all and is available for download:    Judges Competency Framework

    The Kennel Club have information regarding Judges Competency Framework in full detail on their website:

    As part of this new system for education the Kennel Club held its inaugural seminar for breed education co-ordinators (BEC) as part of the implementation of the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) on Sunday 15th July at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park. Each breed has its own co-ordinator who will co-ordinate all points of breed-specific education and support for judges under the new system. Steve Collier attended the seminar on behalf of the English Setter Breed Clubs and is one of the 180 appointed BEC's acting on behalf of English Setter education for the JCF. A press release detailing this seminar has been issued by the KC and can be found here:

    As these updates or information about JFC are ongoing further details will be shown on this website when made available by our BEC Steve Collier or the Kennel Club.
  • The Third Moon Map Chronicle (Nina Green)

    Get Nina Green's 'The Third Moon Map Chronicle' for only £8.00 plus P & P. Please support English Setters by buying this lovely book with all proceeds from sales going to ESA and English Setter Rescue. This quality book is richly illustrated with photographs and has 640 pages printed on a silk finish paper similar to the previous two books.  Read further details or order a copy of Nina's book on this website use the heading 'About Breed' - Books or by copying and pasting this link
  • Bournehouse Prints


    The English Setter Association commissioned Stuart Mallard who is well known for his wildlife and dog pictures to paint in oils Sh Ch Bournehouse Royal Colours and Sh Ch Bournehouse Sea of Dreams in memory of their past Chairman Gordon Williams.

    The ESA committee felt that this was a fitting tribute to Gordon who not only gave much of his time to the Breed and Association, but the Bournehouse name is well-known throughout the dog world both here and abroad. At our recent Championship Show, Penny Williams was presented with the original picture by Stuart and there were many doggy folk there to see the unveiling. To coincide with the picture ESA are able to offer Limited Edition Prints for those wishing to purchase a print of the picture. This is a Limited Edition run of only 50 and already a number were purchased at the Show. The cost is £85. and each print is supplied, double mounted with a backboard and individual Certificate of Authenticity – overall size 16” x 20”. You can if you wish have your print framed and cost would be from £105 to £135 depending on which frame you choose.

    If you wish to order a print, please download the order form by clicking Order Form and send with your cheque made out to English Setter Association to the ESA secretary – Elwyn Evans. Briar Cottage, Plump Hill, Mitcheldean, Glos, GL17 0ET.

    If you would like more details of the frames, then please contact Fiona Mitchell on either or 01386 462681.      But hurry there are only a few left!
  • Puppy Register

    We now offer a FREE service to breeders who are members of the ESA. If you wish to advertise that you have puppies available we have a website page dedicated to assist with selling your puppies. We are giving this option a six month trial period to see if it works both for our website and yourselves. The webpage can/will be amended or removed subject to its use. The page is listed under the heading 'About Breed' then 'Puppy Register' or click here. The details required for advertising are as follows:-

    1. 1.   Your name and location. e.g. - Mr John (Jane) Smith, Norwich, Norfolk. You can also use your Affix if required in this first heading
    2. 2.   A contact telephone or mobile number
    3. 3.   Email Address
    4. 4.   Quantity, Sex & Colour. e.g. - 7dogs/4bitches, B/O/Tri
    5. 5.   Date of Birth. e.g. - 19/08/16
    Our conditions are that your listing will only be shown for 10 weeks on website from date of birth. It would be a great help if you can 'Contact Us' when the puppies are sold, this would also save you from further telephone calls from prospective purchasers.

    You must abide by the rules of the ESA's Code of Ethics.

    We do not offer to vet prospective purchasers and do not accept any responsibilites from problems arising from your advertisement or sales made from using the website.

    Finally, there could be a delay of up to 36hrs in posting your advert from when it is received.

    Just send your details using the 'Contact Us' link on the website.
  • 2020/21 Judges

    MESS: - Dogs - Mrs Barbara Cherry: Bitches - Mrs Karen Stirk: Referee - Mrs Anne Green:
    SWKA - Mrs Christine Normansell
    SESS: - Dogs - Mrs Val Isherwood: Bitches - Mr Joe Watkins: Referee - Mrs Sue Bryant:
    ESSW: - Dogs - Mrs Dawn Gourorbe: Bitches - Mr Simon Pitts: Referee - Mr Elwyn Evans:
    National Gundog: - Mrs Linda Taylor
    ESS of Scotland: - Dogs Mr G M Burton: Bitches Mrs J C Boyd: Referee - Mrs L Simpson:
    Birmingham National: - Mrs Fran Grimsdell
    Scottish Kennel Club: - Mr C A Atkinson
    ESA 19/04/2020: - Dogs - Mrs Sharon Littlechild: Bitches - Mr Keith Young: Referee - Mr Christopher Bird
    Bath: - Mr Richard Bott
    Blackpool: - Dr Ron James
    Setter & Pointer: - Mrs Fiona Mitchell
    Bournemouth: Mrs Jane Bishop
    NESS: Dogs - Mrs Sue Rumble: Bitches - Mrs Sue Loynd: Referee - Miss Lois A Buckley
    ESS of Wales, 05/04/2020: Dogs - Mrs Dawn Goutorbe: Bitches - Mr Simon Pitts: Referee - Mr Elwyn Evans: Memorials - Mrs Sheree Parrish
    Manchester -  Mr Stuart Cummings
    Midland Counties: - Mrs Margaret Henry
    Southern Counties's: Mrs C J Tucker
    Border Union: Mr E Stephenson
    Windsor: Mr R McMaster
    East of England: Mr S H Cook
    Leeds: Mrs L C Dale
    Welsh Kennel Club: Miss Becky A Johnson
    Birmingham City: Mrs M Gittins
    Darlington: Mrs P M Colton
    Ladies Kennel Association: Mrs K Reid

    Three Counties - Mr Jeff Roberts
    South Wales K A - Mrs Gill Baker
    MESS: Dogs - Mr J D Martin: Bitches - Mrs Tanya Lewis:
    ESS of Wales: Dogs - Mr G W Hayburn: Bitches - Mrs R M C Martin: Referee - Mrs G Baker
    ESA: Dogs - Ms J M Miller: Bitches - Mrs Penny Williams: Referee - Mrs L Taylor
    Birmingham National: Mrs M Withey
    Bath: Mr D J Bell
    SKC: Mrs L A Cooper
    Blackpool: Mr D W Shields
    National Gundog: Mrs Joanne Isherwood
    Bournemouth: Mr J Horswell