Notice Board

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  • English Setter Association Annual General Meeting

    The English Setter Association's AGM will include a morning presentation on two topics (details below) to include tea/coffee and biscuits on arrival and a buffet lunch for £5.00. This will be held on Sunday 7th May at Stoneleigh Village Hall,Stoneleigh Warwickshire, CV8 3DG commencing at 9.30 and finishing at 12.45. Tickets for the morning presentation will be available at The Midland English Setter Society Championship Show, English Setter Society of Wales Championship Show, Breed Stand at Crufts and the English Setter Association Championship Show from either Fiona Mitchell or Val Isherwood. For Members just wishing to attend the AGM, this will commence at 2.00pm and no tickets required.

  • English Setter Association Championship Show 2017

    The English Setter Association Championship Show will be held on Sunday 23rd April 2017 at East Hall, Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ
    Judges are - Dogs: Ros Croft, (Fencefoot), Bitches - Steve Collier (Roszarke), Referee - Glenis Williams (Wistaston). Memorial classes to be judged by Dilys Watts.

    To download a copy of Schedule and Entry Form click the highlighted headings:       Schedule:       Entry Form:
  • Northern English Setter Society Championship & Open Show 2017

    A date for your diary in 2017.
    To celebrate NESS's 50th Anniversary both the Open and Championship Show will be held on Saturday 15th July 2017 at the Sandyland Centre, Staffordshire Showground, Stafford.
    The Championship Show Dog Judge is Jane Tucker (Walshaw), Bitch Judge is Neil Kelly (Richecca) with Maud Leather (Pewterspeare) judging the Special Award Classes.
    The Open Show Judge will be Lee Cox (Vanitonia) with Eva Mod (Blue Jeans Forever) judging the Special Classes.

  • NEW Puppy Register

    We now offer a brand new FREE service to breeders who are members of the ESA. If you wish to advertise that you have puppies available we have a website page dedicated to assist with selling your puppies. We are giving this option a six month trial period to see if it works both for our website and yourselves. The webpage can/will be amended or removed subject to its use. The page is listed under the heading 'About Breed' then 'Puppy Register' or click here. The details required for advertising are as follows:-

    1. 1.   Your name and location. e.g. - Mr John (Jane) Smith, Norwich, Norfolk. You can also use your Affix if required in this first heading
    2. 2.   A contact telephone or mobile number
    3. 3.   Email Address
    4. 4.   Quantity, Sex & Colour. e.g. - 7dogs/4bitches, B/O/Tri
    5. 5.   Date of Birth. e.g. - 19/08/16
    Our conditions are that your listing will only be shown for 10 weeks on website from date of birth. It would be a great help if you can 'Contact Us' when the puppies are sold, this would also save you from further telephone calls from prospective purchasers.

    You must abide by the rules of the ESA's Code of Ethics.

    We do not offer to vet prospective purchasers and do not accept any responsibilites from problems arising from your advertisement or sales made from using the website.

    Finally, there could be a delay of up to 36hrs in posting your advert from when it is received.

    Just send your details using the 'Contact Us' link on the website.
  • Kennel Club / current study run by the Royal Veterinary College

    Subject: BARC - Mature Dog Survey (Royal Veterinary College)

    As part of BARC (Bio-Acquisition Research Collaboration), the Kennel Club would like to inform you of the current study run by the Royal Veterinary College, investigating the impact of health and training upon canine behaviour in dogs over 3 years old.

    To participate in the research, an online survey (the Mature Dog Survey: click here) needs to be completed.

    For further information about the research and contribution requirements, please visit our BARC page. If you have any enquiries about the project, please email Dr Rowena Packer

    Yours sincerely,

    Bonnie-Marie Abhayaratne
    Health and Breeder Research Assistant
    The Kennel Club
  • 2018 Judges

    ESA: Dogs - Miss L A Buckley: Bitches - Miss G A Williams: Referee - Mrs C Jennings
    Setter and Pointer: Miss D E Loynd
    SKC (May): Mrs Jane Howarth
    Three Counties: Chris Sayers
    South Wales Kennel Association: - Mrs L R Simpson
    Bath: Mrs L Armstrong Rodgers
    English Setter Society of Wales: Dogs - Sandra Wallis: Bitches - Barbra Cherry: Referee - Elwyn Evans
    East of England - Jane Dennis

    2019 Judges
    MESS: Dogs - Joanne Howarth: Bitches - Jill Kelly: Referee - Maureen Withey
    Bath: Jenny Day
    Blackpool: Moray Armstrong