Puppy Register

For those wishing to find details of where English Setters puppies are available please contact any of the names listed in the table below. We would also welcome you to join the English Setter Association and details are on this website or click here.

For Breeders wishing to use this service, full details for sending information for inclusion are on the 'Notice Board' page under the heading 'New Puppy Register'. It is not possible to submit directly onto the website.

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The Association also has a puppy co-ordinator who acts on our behalf. Contact Julie Weller, email Juldeane@hotmail.com or telephone 01440788180

This puppy register has been compiled as a service which is freely available only to members of the English Setter Association to advertise puppies bred by them and abide with the Association's Code of Ethics. Breeders wishing to advertise will find all applicable information on the 'Notice Board' page. Full details of the Code of Ethics are listed on this website or click here

The Code of Ethics includes that all relevant Kennel Club registration documents, written details of all dietary requirements for the puppy, at least a three generation pedigree of the puppy including KC/BVA hip scores of both parents, confirmation that worming has been carried out and when the next worming is due are given to the new owner. Many breeders are also members of the Kennel Club's Assured Breeders Scheme.

Name/Affix & location Tel. or Mob. Email address Quantity, Sex & Colour Date of Birth
Mr Richard Watson
Richmond, North Yorkshire
Sire: Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana
Dam: Alolfrana Indiana
4 dogs (2 orange, 2 blue)
3 bitches (1 orange, 1 blue, 1 tri)
Mrs Gill Baker (Mandyset)
Bont Dolgadfan, Powys, Wales
01650 521462
Sire: Sh Ch Ravensett Jailhouse Rocks Alolfran JW ShCM
Dam: Mandyset I Will Survive
2 tri-dogs, 1 tri-bitch
Mrs Penny Williams (Bournehouse)
Yoxhall, Staffordshire
01543 473220
07785 934961
Sire: Bournehouse Stormy Sky
Dam: Bournehouse Golden Darter
1 orange dogs, 2 orange bitches, 2 tri-bitches
Kennel Club Assured Breeder, Accolade of Excellence
Mrs Jane Tucker (Walshaw)
Bruton, Somerset
01749 812565 Cjt@walshawsetters.co.uk
Sire: Sh.Ch. Mariglen Audi (Hips 2/3 BAER clear)
Dam: Walshaw Date with Destiny JW (Hips 5/4)
13 week old blue belton bitch, fully vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked.
Kennel Club Assured Breeder
Mrs Louise Worrall
Linby, Nottingham
Sire: Bournehouse Silver Lariat
Dam: Kelstedge Bootylicious.
2 bitches (tri/blue)
Mrs Jennie McLaren
Cranworth, Norfolk
07909 673175
Sire: Sh Ch Tattersett Galileo
Dam: Sorbus Selena At Ilexeset
5 dogs, 1 bitch. (Tri and Orange)
Please note for colour:    B = Blue Belton, O = Orange Belton, Tri = Blue Belton & Tan

Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme promotes good breeding practice and aims to work together with breeders and buyers to force irresponsible breeders, or puppy farmers, out of business. Breeders nationwide are joining the Assured Breeder Scheme to demonstrate their commitment to responsible breeding. There are set requirements that Assured Breeders must agree to follow, which encourage the breeding of healthy, and well-adjusted puppies. Further details of this scheme are available on the Kennel Club website.

Disclaimer: The English Setter Association by offering the details of the whereabouts of puppies does not in any way offer a guarantee as to the soundness and health of any puppy and do not accept responsibility arising from subsequent sales.