It is a fact of life that, from time to time, English Setters may have to change homes. This may be due to unforeseen circumstances such as the death of an owner, a marriage break-up or financial hardship. Regrettably, there are also instances where they have to be re-homed because the dogs are mistreated. In these cases, the Breed Rescue organisation can usually assist.

English Setter Rescue Association

The English Setter Rescue Association is a registered charity (Charity No. 293708), managed by a panel of trustees, with a nationwide network of generous and willing helpers. It is financed entirely from donations. It is not part of the ESA, although it has links by virtue of the fact that some of the same people are involved in both organisations.

Where a setter has to change homes in unforeseen circumstances, if the owner is unable to rehome the dog themselves, the English Setter Rescue will either temporarily house the animal or, best of all, arrange a direct transfer to an appropriate home. Dogs which are handled by the Rescue can be of any age, from fairly young to an old-age pensioner.

If you are considering owning an English Setter, but feel that you could not cope with a young puppy, it may be worthwhile contacting the Rescue. This welfare organisation is frequently seeking homes for mature setters and it may be that you could provide a suitable home. Do not be concerned about taking on an older setter from the point of view of bonding. An English Setter will usually bond to a new owner even in the latter years of it's life. Its primary concern is that it wants an owner who will care for it and give it a permanent, loving home. If you feel that you could give a good home to an English Setter under these circumstances, consider contacting the Rescue.

Further Information

Please contact the ESA Secretary or go to the English Setter Rescue Association homepage.