Show Scene

This heading is intended for those who wish to know more about the exhibition of English Setters at shows in the UK during the year. Dropdown menus below this heading included Show Diary and Show Results. Further menus will be added in due course.

Show Diary 2017

Show Date Judge/s Closing Date Schedule
Online Entry
Manchester 22/01/17 Carol Guy      
M.E.S.S. 05/02/17 Dogs - Karen Sillence: Bitches - Maggie McCabe: Memorials - Karen Stirk: Referee - Sue Wilkinson      
S.E.S.S. 12/03/17 AGM      
Crufts 11/03/17 Ruth Martin      
E.S.S. of Wales 09/04/17 Dogs - Ann Webster: Bitches - Chris Jennings:
Referee - Margaret Green
E.S.S.of Scotland   AGM      
M.E.S.S.   AGM      
N.E.S.S.   AGM      
E.S.A. 23/04/17 Dogs - Ros Croft: Bitches - Steve Collier: Referee - Glenis Williams
E.S.S. Scotland 30/04/17 Dogs - Chris Moorhouse: Bitches - Keith Smith: Stakes - Mel Sharples:
Birmingham 05/05/17 Margaret Gittins      
E.S.A. AGM 07/05/17 AGM      
S.K.C.1 20/05/17 Moray Armstrong      
Bath 27/05/17 Gill Baker      
Southern Counties 04/06/17 Chris Atkinson      
MESS Open 10/06/17 Hilary Jones      
Three Counties 11/06/17 Val Isherwood      
Border Union 17/06/17 Rod Green      
ESS of Scotland 18/06/17 Diane Bridgwater      
Blackpool 24/06/17 Richard Bott      
Windsor 29/06/17 Christine Bexon      
E.S.A. Open 02/07/17 Judge - Les Weller      
East Of England 07/07/17 Aiden McKiernan      
N.E.S.S. Ch. Show

plus Open Show
15/07/17 Dogs - Jane Tucker: Bitches - Neil Kelly
Referee - Lesley Armstrong Rogers: Specials - Maud Leather
Judge - Lee Cox; Specials - Eva Mod
S.E.S.S. Open 16/07/17 Chieveley Village Hall: Judge - Janet Neath      
Leeds 21/07/17 Patsy Hollings      
Paignton 05/08/17 Tereza Watkins      
National Gundog 06/08/17 Linda Upton      
Welsh Kennel Club 20/08/17 Gordon Haran      
City of Birmingham 03/09/17 Di Morgan      
Richmond 10/09/17 Maureen Collier      
Darlington 17/09/17 Linda Taylor      
E.S.S. Wales Open 24/09/17 Susan Callander: Memorials - Sissi Sundberg      
South Wales 07/10/17 Mick Howes      
GDS of Wales 11/10/17 Rob McMaster      
Midland Counties 29/10/17 Anne Green      
Setter & Pointer 04/11/17 Chris Bird      
Gundog Breeds of Scotland 11/11/17 David Bell      
S.E.S.S. 19/11/17 Dogs - Sue Bryant; Bitches - Sharon Littlechild; Referee - Anne Lewis      
M.E.S.S. Open 26/11/17 Russell  Mosedale (Knightsbay)      
L.K.A. 10/12/17 Fran Grimsdell