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Lucky People

Valerie Foss

How lucky in these difficult times are people who own an English Setter. For those without a family and who live alone having a dog is very precious. A big part of the day is taken up looking after the dog. It means that an unbearable time becomes a framework of pleasurable care and companionship. Watching the TV becomes a happy time with an English Setter on the couch next to you, agreeing with all you say about the programmes!  I remember last year going round Durham Cathedral and outside meeting an English Setter which made my day.
Remember those who live alone and have lost their dog or through changed circumstances can no longer have a dog. Just meeting outside with one other person socially distanced,  with an English Setter would mean so much.

Thank you ESA

Mollie Booker

Since I wrote to the ESA a few weeks back, I've been overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion shown by it's members. I wrote through sheer sadness that no longer having a beautiful Setter had created, especially after having also lost a very long term husband.  First, Val Isherwood offered to bring her Field Trials Setter Albert to meet me.
In the last week, I've been invited to Alison Naulls' home to meet Hugo and Dibley (named after Vicar of Dibley characters). Today, Debbie Ward has brought Hattie to see me an we enjoyed a country walk in my village. I've been truly amazed by the real friendliness shown by so many of you. I'd like my thanks and gratitude to be mentioned on your website if that's allowed. I am about to re-join the ESA and hope to attend some shows and events when they resume to enjoy more time in such wonderful company. I know it sounds soft, but my heart is filled with love again for this most beautiful breed of dog. Thank you Chris for starting the ball rolling for me.